Acupuncture is an important TCM treatment therapy combining the needling method and moxibustion. An acupuncture needle is inserted into a patient’s body at specific meridians and acupuncture points for stimulation effects, in order to improve ‘qi’ and blood circulation, and promote metabolism, thus achieving the purpose of treating illnesses. This treatment therapy has already been acknowledged by the World Health Organisation to be effective on 63 illnesses, having a considerably broad scope of treatment.

An ordinary person may experience fear in having a needle penetrate his/her body. In actual fact, the process of needle penetration in acupuncture therapy only produces slight pricking pain and when the needle reaches the targeted point, there may be numbness and tenderness felt. This sensation may last for a few days but there will not be any side effects. However, the patient may still experience subcutaneous bleeding and partial allergy. This will generally subside spontaneously and there is no need for concern.

The needles we use undergo a strict process of sterilisation and fulfil local hygiene standards. An ordinary person will be able to receive acupuncture treatment except under certain special conditions such as after meals, excessive fatigue and severe perspiration where acupuncture cannot be carried out immediately. High risk groups such as patients with critical illness, severe heart disease, severe high blood pressure and pregnant women will need to be cautious by consulting their doctors before receiving acupuncture treatment.

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  • Gua Sha

    Gua Sha

    Gua Sha is a traditional natural therapy with its basis on TCM meridian and acupuncture points theory.

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  • Cupping


    Over thousands of years, TCM cupping therapy has been spreading among the ordinary people in China.

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  • Tui Na

    Tui Na

    We adopt a treatment plan that is customised to the unique conditions of the individual customer.

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  • Foot Reflexology

    Foot Reflexology

    Reflexology enables the body to eliminate bodily wastes and toxins through the mechanism of metabolism.

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  • Acupuncture Points Healthcare

    Acupuncture Points Healthcare

    Acupuncture points massage makes use of needles to massage on specific acupuncture points.

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  • Meridian Healthcare

    Meridian Healthcare

    Meridian healthcare makes use of methods such as acupuncture, moxa-moxibustion and massage.

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  • TCM Physician Consultation

    TCM Physician Consultation

    We gather information related to the patient's healthcare in order to arrive at the best treatment plan.

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