Company Overview

Oriental Traditional Therapy Tuina Clinic is a professional TCM Tuina corporation registered in Singapore and was established in 1994, comprising of a team of professional TCM Tuina therapists.

Our professional motto is: "My profession, my pride. Helping others through my medical work makes me happy." For more than 20 years, company employees have made contributions to public health, curing and preventing diseases, and maintaining longevity based on traditional TCM knowledge, with sincerity, diligence, dedication and gratitude as their guiding principles.

In our company’s ongoing drive for improvement, we have constantly invited outstanding professional TCM instructors to assist in raising our employee’s professional treatment standards and service quality. We also accord the Oriental Traditional Therapy Outstanding Tuina Therapist Award every year through examinations, certification and other forms of selection.

Currently, there are 2 outlets around the island: